Full Service Engineering Company

Our engineers have taken Ninety eight products from the laboratory to profitable commercial production. Fifty two of these products have been pharmaceutical and food products. Thanks to our Specialized Processes & Expertise, we have been awarded Lonza Project of the Year award for 9 years.

Process Design

PFD, P&ID, batch and continuous process simulation, heat and material balance, cost estimating, and economic analysis.



We have over 30 years of combined experience in Scope development, scheduling, procurement of capital equipment and contracts.


Engineering Design

Plant layout, equipment design , Mechanical, hydraulic, piping and pipe stress relief systems, instrumentation, electrical, civil, structural analysis and design, control design and programming.


Production Outages

Every hour saved is an hour of production for both ease of installation and process operability. Let us help plan your next outage to ensure that its completed on time and on budget.


Solutions Through Design...

We believe in giving you the very best. Every job is treated individually and assigned to staff specializing in that particular area to ensure immediate attention and focus on the project scope and cost.

Our team works with you to complete the job on time and on cost! Our Project Managers are truly dedicated to their projects with safety, interoperability and maintenance on priority,.

Projects affecting production?

Talk to us… We have ways of limiting plant downtime for operating Chemical Plants.

We do the job right the first time!

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