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Located in Gilmore City in Iowa State, We provide scope development, economic analysis, front end design, cost estimating, detailed design, construction management, scheduling & procurement, and specializing in the chemical, Plastic, Engineering and construction industries. Our staff of 107 has ample experience and ability to handle any size job well.

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Engineering Messages is your full service engineering company for your next plant project with extensive expertise in the following areas:

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We also serve Plastic and construction industries & employ the best technical personnel in the industry to complete your projects on time and on budget. Some of the other areas of our interests are:

We Design, Manufacture, Test, Install and Commission our various handling equipment under a very structured and comprehensive quality system.

The Engineering Messages Quality System includes design review meetings involving our customers, adherence to formal customer standards and internal standards, project documentation, production standards and acceptance standards. The policy statement underlines the commitment of management and all elements of our organization for achieving excellence on consistent basis by doing all tasks right for the first time.

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